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Release "Clarice and I"

The outstanding Brazilian artist Rosina de Franceschi is going to exhibit in Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) from 7 – 11 April. She is coming to Ireland to visit her daughter, Bruna de FranceschiFiamoncini, who is an AIT student of Psychiatric Nursing (third year). Bruna is also one of AIT Brazilian ambassadors, working along with the International Office and organizing events such as the Carnival Week, successful event that happened from 10-14 March this year.
Rosina is a visual artist and lecturer. She acts as both undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer in different subjects concerning Visual Arts. Born in Concórdia, southern Brazil, she lives in Blumenau, also in the south, since January 1979. Her artistic career began in 1980 and includes paintings with the use of various techniques, as well as provocative contemporary productions, such as urban interventions. Her curriculum consists of approximately 300 collective and individual exhibitions, some art auctions and various awards. Along this 34 years of career, Rosina has exhibited her paints in many parts of Brazil, as well as in Uruguay, Argentina, Japan, Italy and England. You can find Rosina’s artworks in major private collections, museums and public institutions in Brazil and abroad.
The theme of her productions revolves around the female as a form, a gender and a reflexion point.The vast majority of her artistic, academic and poetic productions are somehow autobiographical. The artist searches, paints, writes and expresses her inner self, which is similar to many women’s inner self. She works the essence of what they feel, they live, their conflicts and the different roles in society (wife, mother, educator, artist, wife, lover, home, keeper of family memories).
For her exhibition in Athlone, Rosina has specially created a new series of paintings called “Clarice and I”. The production is inspired on Clarice Lispector (1920-1977), a famous Brazilian novelist and short story writer. Lispector was born in Chechelnyk, Podolio, Ukraine on the ninth of December 1920. After the destruction and instability of Ukraine in the aftermath of World War I and the Russian Civil War, the family fled to Romania. From Romania, the Lispectors would sail to Brazil in 1922. Clarice’s innovation in fiction brought her international renown. “The Passion According to G.H” (A paixão Segundo G.H) has become one of the most famous books of Lispector’s career, along with “The hour of the star” (A hora da estrela). She writes through metaphors the dramas, conflicts and feelings of human existence, especially the feelings of being a woman. This is how each one identify themselves in her work, sharing the same feelings.
In this new series of paintings, Rosina uses text fragments from Lispector’s book “An Apprenticeship or the Book of Delights” (Uma aprendizagem ou O livro dos prazeres). Rosina’s paintings are in an abstract/figurative style, reflecting the human female essence and her own essence.

àAffiliated to:
ALA - Association of Latin American Art
FAAPSC - Association Federation of Plastic Artists of Santa Catarina
BLUAP - Association of Plastic Artists of Blumenau

àTwo of her most important exhibitions:
2008 – Japan-Brazil Centennial: 100 Years of Immigration –General Consulate of Brazil, Nagoya, Japan.
2010 - III International Exhibition of Brazilian Art – Lauderdale House Arts Centre, London, UK.

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